Victory Hill

Not part of the Kingdom Trails network.

A volunteer club that rides and works on trails. We use trails on private land whichare open to the public for hiking , skiing and mountain biking, in their respective seasons.

E-bikes are not permitted*

The trails belong to the Vermont Trail System, a state recognized network of premium trails.

All bike users must sign a waiver, and check-in at 2428 Victory Hill Road, each time they visit. The trailhead and parking area is located opposite 2871 Victory Hill Road.

Trail use is prohibited for 24 hours after any significant rain. Call (802) 695-3355 or check our Victory Hill Sector Facebook page for updates on rain closures.

*Riders with disabilities are exempt from the E-bike prohibition and are welcome on the trails after they sign an E-bike use waiver at 2428 Victory Hill Rd.

Ride, walk, run or ski the club trails at your own risk. It is your responsibility to be aware of hazards on the trail. Trails are not regularly maintained.

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