About VH


Our club uses trails on private land in Victory, Vermont. The trail are open in season for public hiking , skiing and mountain biking and are part of the “Vermont Trail System” our state’s network of premium public trails. All bikers must sign a waiver, and check-in at 2428 Victory Hill Road, each time they visit. Our trailhead and parking area is located opposite 2871 Victory Hill Road.

Trail use is prohibited for 24 hours after any significant rain. Call (802) 695-3355 or check our Victory Hill Sector Facebook page for updates on rain closures. Winter biking is allowed on a limited basis when the conditions permit.

*Riders with mobility disabilities issues are exempted from the no E-Bike policy and are welcome to use the trails after signing an E-Bike use waiver.

In 2019, Victory’s selectboard asked Vermont’s Natural Resource Board (NRB) if the trails on Victory Hill needed to undergo Act 250, a rigorous commercial development review process. This hostile inquiry triggered the issuance by the NRB’s Kirsten Sultan of a “Jurisdictional Opinion” (JO) claiming that an Act 250 permit is required, Believing that it was being unfairly singled out and punished by the village troika and state bureacracy for opening up their land up to public biking and recreation, the landowner decided to closed the network down in 2019. In 2021 it decided to allow the club to facilitate public biking in the trails again, provisionally…. until the legal appeal of the JO is finally heard in environmental court (2023). The Victory Hill Sector bike club hopes to be able use the land for public biking in the future, but this hangs on the Act 250 issue being resolved favorably.

Ride, walk, run or ski the club trails at your own risk. It is your responsibility to be aware of hazards on the trail. Trails are not regularly maintained.