About VH

The Victory Hill Sector is a not-for-profit recreational trail group.  Our mission is “to organize high quality recreational trails and events, integrated with sustainable land and forest management”.   

Pubic hiking, skiing, hunting and snowmobiling (on V.A.S.T trails) are welcomes in the appropriate season.   *Hunting is allowed only when all trails are closed to bikes, and only with written landowner permission. 

The trails are currently closed to bikes.  We hope the trails can open to bikes by mid-summer 2021.

The trails lie on 1200 acres of land belonging to Conservation Collaboratives, and two adjacent landowners. Traditionally the land was used for logging and hosted a hiking trail to the top of Umpire Mountain, Bikes first began using the logging trails in 2009.  Singletrack trails were started in 2010 with volunteer support from Kingdom Trails, Burke Mountain Academy, and other local volunteers. Professional trail builders and volunteers have added expert trails to the network

VHS has hosted annual editions of popular off-road bike events: the VT3 Stage Race, the Backcountry Cross, the Eastern States Cup Series, as well as the 2018 North American Continental Championships of the Enduro World Series (EWS).

In 2021, a federally-funded conservation easement, organized by the Trust for Public Land, will protect 600 acres of land on the periphery of the trail system,  Connectivity with state recreational trails will be assured by the provision for multi-use trails in the conservation block, which connect the system to state multi-use recreational trails in the Victory Management Unit, managed by Vermont Forest Parks and Recreation.

In the face of possible Act 250 Jurisdiction over the trails, the landowner temporarily closed the trails to public bike use in 2019,  Act 250 would be punish the principal landowner for hosting our trail network.  It is a costly, time-consuming, permanent, and restrictive permit on land.  The Act 250 threat has prevented Victory Hill Sector from operating for two years and raising funds to maintain and operate the trails

Mandatory Registration and Check-In: 2428 Victory Hill Rd. Victory, VT 05602

Trails close for 24 hours after any significant rain. Check Trailhub.org for updates.

No trail patrol: Ride at your own risk. Don’t ride alone. Call 911 if someone is hurt!

No regular maintenance: Please”pitch-in” a little by removing a sticks or fallen logs impeding your ride. That will help the trails will stay clear. And PLEASE report the location of large blowdown trees on our Victory Hill Sector Facebook page, so they can be removed.

Camping: Three campsites in our field.  More information and booking.

Directions:  VH is 7 miles ride by bike from East Burke, via Lodge Trail, Camptown and CCC Road. It is 12 miles away from East Burke by car. In Victory our trailhead is opposite 2871 Victory Hill Road in victory, Vermont (If you reach Victory Hill Kennels you have gone 150 yards too far). If the gate is closed. The trails are closed. Check Trailhub.org for updates.