Keep the dream alive


Victory Hill Sector is a non-profit trail organization whose mission is to benefit the region with quality public recreational opportunities and intact forest habitats. Converted skid trails and wood roads form the backbone of this backwoods single track network with trail connections to the Victory State Forest, East Burke and Kirby.  The owner has invested thousands of hours and dollars in making the Victory Hill Sector’s bike, snowmobile, hunting and hiking trails available to the public. Threatened by government overreach in 2019, Victory Hill believes in keeping the dream alive. We have are full of the hope that 2020 will be a great year and that the trail system will remerge, better than ever

Three campsites in our field. More information and booking.

Trails close for 24 hours after any significant rain.
Check for updates and closures.

No emergency trail patrol: Ride at your own risk. Do not ride alone. Call 911 if someone is hurt!

No regular maintenance crew: Please”pitch-in” a little by removing a sticks or fallen logs impeding your ride. That will help the trails will stay clear. And PLEASE report the location of large blowdown trees on our Victory Hill Sector Facebook page, so they can be removed.

Directions: VH is 7 miles ride by bike from East Burke, via Lodge Trail, Camptown and CCC Road. It is 12 miles away from East Burke by car. In Victory our trailhead is opposite 2871 Victory Hill Road in victory, Vermont (If you reach Victory Hill Kennels you have gone 150 yards too far). If the gate is closed. The trails are closed. Check for updates.

6 thoughts on “Keep the dream alive

  1. I’ll help volunteer for the cycolcross race, what day will u need me? Mark Franco @. — & I’ll be Mtn biking in the ‘circumburke challenge’ may also b able to volunteer the day b4 that event – please sign me up for ‘circumburke challenge’

    • Thanks Mark I appreciate it. You will your n as me in the CBurke reg list tonight. The CX event starts at 11 on Sunday October 9. We ll start registering and parking people around 830. and then need a course marshal ( you get a walkie talkie!) for the race (11-130) cheers

    • Hi Mark. Hope you can still make it to Victory in Sunday. I think we have parking under control beforehand but we are wondering if you could come at 1045 to be a timer or the roadguard from 11-2? My phone# is 2026800448 if you have questions etc.’ John McGill

  2. For whatever reason, my comment to the story in VTDigger was not “printed” online, but the information contained therein may be helpful to you.

    I’m a landowner with over 40 acres, some open to VAST trails, and have never been required to fill out any sort of Act 250 permit.

    I’ve had conversations with an NEK officer for both VAST and VASA, and been told that neither organization is required to have Act 250 permits for use of public or private land.

    I don’t understand the application of this double standard

    • Hi Robert THANKS for interest in our predicament. The landowner hosts an important VAST connector trail as well as MTB and hiking trails. The Act 250 JO was called on the bike trails by Walt Neborsky the Victory selectboaed chair and VAST chapter member from Connecticut, via his town clerk (also from Connecticut) . As you know VAST frowns upon Act 250 and the landowner does not appreciate the invocation of Act 250 by this rogue VAST member. l. As a result the VAST trail is permanently closed unless Chairman Neborsky reimbursed the landowner for the damages inflicted by his irresponsible actions.

    • Hi Robert. VICTORY HILL SECTOR hosts a key VAST connector trail as well as.MTB trails. The Act 250 JO was requested by a character from Connecticut named Walt Neborsky who is the Victory selectboard chair and the local VAST chapter’s head groomer. As you know VAST does not condone Act 250 activities and the landowner has not appreciated Neborsky’s irresponsible action hence the annulment of the VAST trail contract unless.Comrade Neborsky offers to reimburse.the trail network for fees associated with the Act 250 JO and appeals process. I believe this is a.VAST member who has shot his chapter in the foot.

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