Our Situation

Victory Hill Sector is a not-for-profit recreational trail system created by a private landowner, with considerable investment in professional trail building and assistance from Kingdom Trails and many volunteers. We seek to balance public trail use with responsbile forest management and conservation.  Our trails are derived from logging trails which were rehabilitated to provide a singletrack route for the CircumBurke Trail Challenge. In recent year’s our trails have become popular with Enduro bikes and hosted the  2018 Enduro World Series North American Continental Series Finals won by Richie Rude.  Many of the logging trails are also suitable for snowmobiling, hunting and hiking. 

In late 2018,  Victory’s Select board asked Vermont’s Natural Resources Board “to look into” requiring the Victory Hill Sector to undergo the comprehensive Act 250 development review and permitting process which is designed to regulate environmentally impactful commercial development.  Victory Hill’s host landowner finds that Act 250 would be prohibitively time consuming, costly and effectively punish them for opening their trails to the public for recreation . The trail system thus has been closed to all public use to avoid the risk of Act 250 review.  Bikers as well as snowmobilers, hunters , hikers and our staff have been negatively impacted by the Victory town government’s request.

In July 2019, Governor Phil Scott declared his support for the plight of Victory Hill and outdoor recreation by outlining his proposed reforms to Act 250 vis-a-vis trails. He recognizes that mountain bike trails are integral to Vermont’s sustainable outdoor recreation economy, and that they should not be regulated as commercial development under Act 250.  It is now, critical for the Vermont State Legislature’s  Commission on Act 250 Reform to propose and legislate a fairer and more appropriate review process for recreational trails in the upcoming 2020 legislative session. 

In September 2019, Michael Snyder, the Commissioner of VT Forest Parks and Recreation approved Victory Hill;s incorporation into the Vermont Trail System, the “gold standard” designation for recreational trails in Vermont.  With this recognition, Victory Hill Sector, our trail builders and ridership  are full of hope that the trails can open in 2020.

Check-In and Registration: 2428 Victory Hill Rd. Victory, VT 05602

Trails close for 24 hours after any significant rain. Check Trailhub.org for updates.

No trail patrol: Ride at your own risk. Don’t ride alone. Call 911 if someone is hurt!

No regular maintenance crew: Please”pitch-in” a little by removing a sticks or fallen logs impeding your ride. That will help the trails will stay clear. And PLEASE report the location of large blowdown trees on our Victory Hill Sector Facebook page, so they can be removed.

Camping: Three campsites in our field. More information and booking.

Directions:  VH is 7 miles ride by bike from East Burke, via Lodge Trail, Camptown and CCC Road. It is 12 miles away from East Burke by car. In Victory our trailhead is opposite 2871 Victory Hill Road in victory, Vermont (If you reach Victory Hill Kennels you have gone 150 yards too far). If the gate is closed. The trails are closed. Check Trailhub.org for updates.