About VH

Beginning in 2009, we began repurposing the old skid trails on Victory Hill into mountain bike trails. Over the next decade we received physical and technical support from Kingdom Trails , hundreds of volunteers and the professional trailbuilder IdeRide. These trails have recently been added to the Vermont Trail System,

Trail maintenance on Victory Hill been crippled by a controversial state Jurisdictional Opinion issued in 2019 by the Vermont’s Natural Resources Board claiming that Victory Hill Sector’s rec trails require an Act 250 permit, because the trail organization was raising money through trail fees. The host landowner is appealing this opinion in Environmental Court, and closed the trails to bicycle use until July 2021, when it will provisionally open the trails to biking – maintenance is sparse due to the Act 250 problem – users should “ride at their own risk” and expect rough trail conditions.

To improve our ability to open the trails to the public in 2021, several organizations have come to Victory Hill Sector’s rescue:

The Neil and Loise Tillotson Fund has paid for the Northwoods Stewardship Center’s Youth Conservation Corps to perform three weeks of maintenance work on our trails. During late July 2021, a team of high school age youth from the Vermont and New Hampshire will camp on Victory Hill and help rehabilitate our trails. We are thankful

In the fall of 2021, another crew will rehabilitate an old trail on Victory Hill with generous funding from the Santa Cruz Bicycles company’s PayDirt Fund. We are extremely grateful to Santa Cruz for this lifeline.

Victory Hill Sector is a club of volunteers which strives to keep the trails alive for the future.