BUY Required 1 Day or Season Memberships HERE

Trail use for members only. Join us for just one day or for the season! 

2019 One Day Membership

Please show your online purchase record and FILL OUT A PAPER WAIVER at 2428 Victory Hill Rd., and pickup your day membership wristband. This online purchase entitles you to member riding privileges for one day. If you will be booking here and bringing more than one rider in a vehicle you will be eligible for a *CARBON EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS DISCOUNTS (See below) Collect your per rider reimbursement by presenting all of yourselves at 2428 Victory Hill Road when you sign your waivers and pickup your wristbands.


2019 Season Membership

Buy Season Memberships ONLINE HERE $65 for Regular Members $50 for Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) members - Book a $65 regular membership here, then show your VMBA card to Carol at 2428 Victory Hill Road for your $15 reimbursement. Or buy your membership there onsite. ALL SEASON MEMBERS MUST FILL OUT A PAPER WAIVER AND PICKUP THEIR 2019 MEMBER BAND at 2428 Victory Hill Rd. ON YOUR FIRST VISIT.


VH member fees support our 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization by directly paying for trailbuilding and maintenance. The Victory Hill trail community needs and values your membership fees and support to keep the trails open. Reminder: Victory Hill is NOT part of Kingdom Trails. Separate memberships are required.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Discounts (for one day passes only) 
Offered at 2428 Victory Hill Road, if you booked online- please stop by to receive a reimbursement from Carol if not pay Carol the following amounts:

1 rider in vehicle – $15
2 riders in a car – each rider pays $14

3  riders in one car: each rider pays $13
4 riders in one car; each rider pays $12
5 riders in one car: each rider pays $11
6 Riders in one car: each rider pays $10
Junior Riders: Age 17 and under pay $10  (Show I.D. at 2428 Victory Hill Rd.)


You can pay onsite in Victory at 2428 Victory Hill Rd. for your DAY AND SEASON MEMBERSHIPS by stopping at 2428 Victory Hill (Carol Easter’s house with the American flag).

If you can’t find anyone at 2428 Victory Hill or forget to stop, please fill out the waiver and leave cash or check in an envelope marked with your names at the trailhead in the cash box.

Please remember, VH is an independent trail network. We are not KT.  Considerable financial debt has been incurred in order to build our trails. Membership fees and event proceeds are keeping our trail network alive.

VIOLATORS and TRAIL POACHERS (Those who feel entitled to ride with out  memberships) will be fined, humiliated on social media and banned from the trails when they are caught by our secret trail and parking police! The trees have eyes.. don’t be foolish and skip this step. You will regret it and earn bad karma.


1) But I am Canadian. I am not accustomed to this kind of system. In Alberta, our trail are paid for by the state. I didn’t think those signs applied to Canadians.  (WTF Canuck?)

2) Oh yeah…dude ..uhh I didn’t know “I” had to pay because you see I’m an Eastern States Cup Pro enduro rider and I have an ESC plate. We’re practicing for the Eastern States Cup Enduro next month.  (DUMBASS!!)

3) Oh….I have my Kingdom Trails Pass.Oh.. what this isn’t Kingdom Trails?

4)  Oh.. I didn’t have any cash. Don’t you have electronic payment here? I couldn’t get cell reception here. ( YES, WE DO HAVE CELL RECEPTION AND YOU CAN PAY VIA PAYPAL OR VENMO AT

5) Oh.. yeah we did put a little money in the box… (SVP  il faut que chaque personne achete un adhésion a 2428 Victory Hill Rd. ou sur le web et signer le renunciation a 2428 VH Rd.  Merci ! )

VH has NO regular trail crew: We rely on our member base to help us by removing sticks and debris along the trails, as well as any garbage you see. Carry in, carry out!

VH has NO emergency bike patrol: Ride within your capabilities. Ride at your own risk. Always scout out jumps before attempting them. Call 911 if you get hurt. Mountain bike riding is dangerous and can result in the loss of life or limb. Don’t ride alone.

BOOK CAMPSITES (There are only 3 sites) for $25/night For two cars. Additional cars at a campsite should pay $10 extra at 2428 Victory Hill Road.

No running water or electricity. Camping elsewhere isn’t allowed.

Campers who wish to ride should buy day or season memberships as well- assuming they are riding as well. Make a separate booking for each night you stay in the campsite (3 night max) and for each day you ride . NO camping elsewhere on land.