VIOLATORS and TRAIL POACHERS (Those who feel entitled to ride with out signing a waiver and joining Victory Hill as day or season members) will be humiliated on social media and banned from the trails when they are caught! The trees have eyes.. don’t be foolish and skip this step. You will earn bad karma.

VH has NO regular trail crew: We rely on our member base to help us by removing sticks and debris along the trails, as well as any garbage you see. Carry in, carry out!

VH has NO emergency bike patrol: Ride within your capabilities. Ride at your own risk. Always scout out jumps before attempting them. Call 911 if you get hurt. Mountain bike riding is dangerous and can result in the loss of life or limb. Don’t ride alone.

BOOK CAMPSITES (There are only 3 sites) for $25/night For two cars. Additional cars at a campsite should pay $10 extra at 2428 Victory Hill Road.

No running water or electricity. Camping elsewhere isn’t allowed.

Campers who wish to ride should buy day or season memberships as well- assuming they are riding as well. Make a separate booking for each night you stay in the campsite (3 night max) and for each day you ride . NO camping elsewhere on land.