VH is the outgrowth of the CircumBurke, a trail race for bikes and runners around Burke and Umpire Mountains. Beginning in 2010, Kingdom Trails and many volunteers have helped us convert a maze of skid trails and into a quality biking venue. Many other local organizations, foundations and volunteers have helped. These include Burke Mountain Academy, Northwoods Stewardship Center, The Neil and Louise Tillotson Family Fund, New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA), Northern Vermont University, Outdoor Gear Exchange. Victory residents have also spent countless hours mowing and fixing the logging roads and fields, which underpin our network. 

IdeRide Builders have more recently, contributed immensely to trail network by converting skid trails in to high quality flow, jump and enduro trails farther up the mountain. During the past three summers, several youth crews have helped maintain these trails with help from Victory neighbor, Adam Churchill and the club directors.

Burke Mountain Academy Students pitch in every year !
2102 CircumBurke Challenge
Dan Davis and Tim Tierney of Kingdom Trails encouraged the Victory Hill project from the get go.
Leif Trott added some of the first singletrack
Knight and Shimano
Knight Ide (center)  designs and builds all the good stuff on Victory Hill .
John McGill of Victory Hill Sector
Mark White has helped build trail many times on Victory Hill