Volunteers & Community

Lot of folks are helping make Victory Hill a reality. ‘s  John McGill has been attempting to make trails out here for nearly 10 years, by trial and error. Tim Tierney, Dan Davis and Matt Langlais of Kingdom Trails nurtured the concept of connecting VH with East Burke for the annual CircumBurke.  In 2009, Leif Trott built a small stretch of singletrack on the hill by himself in Knight Ide and Ryan McEvoy of Ideride have more recently built our upper level enduro trails, including Middle Finger which is over 2 miles long and drops from  2550 t0 1400 feet above sea level.

Several other trail crews and countless volunteers have spent many hours with digging and racking trail in Victory.  These builders include Phil Beard, Mark White, Ryan McEvoy, Dan Sylvester, Thomas Bourdeau, Arthur Foelsche, Andrew McCullough, Galen Stats,  John Kaczenka, Alex McAndrew, Matthew Gilbertson, Dave Kennedy, Justin Daignault.

The Kingdom Trails crew led by CJ Scott and Keenan Chennail have donated hundreds of hours to building trail and bridges on Victory Hill in preparation for the annual CircumBurke event, as have  Darrell Gray , Kraig Sourbeer and the entire student body of Burke Mountain Academy in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Several Victory residents including Walt Neborsky, Walt Mitchell, John McDonald, Greg Hovey of Victory Hill Kennels, who have spent many hours fixig the logging roads and mowimg fields for bikers and their cars.  And a special thanks to Carol Easter, for acting as the front office of Victory Hill Sector in 2018.


Burke Mountain Academy Students pitch in every year !

2102 CircumBurke Challenge

Dan Davis and Tim Tierney of Kingdom Trails encouraged the Victory Hill project from the get go.


Leif Trott added some of the first singletrack

Knight and Shimano

Knight Ide (center)  designs and builds all the good stuff on Victory Hill .


John McGill of Victory Hill Sector


Mark White has helped build trail many times on Victory Hill