Trail Use

Public bike use, is allowed in the summer and early fall. E-Bikes are prohibited – exemptions are available to users with disabilities.

All bikers must check-in at 2428 Victory Hill Road BEFORE riding. Club membership and liability waivers must be signed by all users and volunteers. Failure to clearly print your name, address, sign, date and initial your waivers will result in a permanent trail use ban.

Our trails close for 24 hours after any significant rain. Call (802) 695-3355 or check our Victory Hill Sector Facebook page for updates on rain closures.

Ride, walk, run or ski these trails at your own risk. It is your responsibility to be aware of hazards in the trail. The trails are not regularly maintained.

In 2018, Victory’s selectboard initiated a request to Vermont’s Natural Resource Board (NRB) to examine the need for Act 250 permits on the Victory Hill Trails. A subsequent Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) assert that the Victory Hill trails require Act 250, a permanent battery of commercial development permits. Act 250 helps protect Vermont’s land from environmentally damaging commercial development practices, which diminish the quality of Vermont’s lands and waters.

In 2019, the trail closed down to public biking in order cease the activity which triggered Act 250 (public trail). Certain logging trails in the network remained open to public hikers and skiers.

The host landowner provisionally re-opened the trails to biking in mid- 2021, until an appeal to an Environmental Court, could resolved in late 2023. Any application of Act 250 on the trails, would punish a landowner for generously offering to host public trails.

If Act 250 is applied to the trails, the trails will be closed to recreation and revert being used as skid trails, and Vermont lose another recreational asset.

Please respect the land and follow the Vermont Trail Ethic

Vermont Trail Ethic