Trail Use

Our trails are part of the Vermont Trail System, a statewide network of public recreational trails. VHS trails are open year round to hiking and for public non-motorized bicycle use in the summer and early fall. Check our Facebook page for updates. E-BIKE use in the Victory Hill Sector is prohibited.

Bikers must sign a waiver and check-in at 2428 Victory Hill Road , before each visit.

The trails close for 24 hours after any significant rain. Call (802) 695-3355 or check our Victory Hill Sector Facebook page for updates on rain closures.

Ride, walk, run or ski these trails at their own risk. It is your responsibility to be aware of hazards in the trail. Trails are not regularly maintained.

In 2018, Victory’s town government initiated a request to Vermont’s Natural Resource Board (NRB) for an investigation into the need for Act 250 on the Victory Hill Trails. The resulting Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) issued in 2019, states that Victory Hill’s trails should submit an application for and undergo a permanent battery of commercial development permits known as Act 250.

While certain logging trails in the network remained open to public hikers and skiers , the trails closed down to public biking after the issuance of the Act 250 opinion, in order to cease the activity which had aggravated the Act 250 bureacracy in Montpelier. While bike trails seem to trigger Act 250, the landowner could have cut down the entire forest without triggering Act 250 – such a comparison illustrates the ridiculous discrepancies which exist within this development law. Certain industries and parties with powerful political support are exempted from Act 250, while smaller recreational trail systems which lack political connections are preyed upon by the bureaucrats who pretend to enforce this law with impartial fairness and equanimity.

The trails were provisionally re-opened to biking in August 2021, while the landowner’s legal appeal remains in court. Our trails therefore still remain under the dark cloud of potential Act 250 Jurisdiction. Act 250 is a battery of permanent commercial development permits designed to protect Vermont’s land from irresponsible commercial developers. If Act 250 is applied to the trails used by our club on Victory Hill, our region will loose a vital recreational asset. Any application of Act 250 on the trails, would effectively punish a landowner for generously offering to host public trails: the host landowner and our non-profit club, would not stand for this kind of abuse, and would promptly close the trails if the government officials follow through with their nefarious plot.

One can only hope that the State Legislature will see fit to correct the current state of Act 250 overreach on public bike trails, so that the trail systems like Victory Hill trails can continue to benefit the public and the local economy in the future.

Anyone is welcome to join our club and volunteer for spring Sunday work mornings here. Public bike use will resume in mid-June 2022.

All bikers must check-in at 2428 Victory Hill Road. Club membership and liability waivers must be signed by all users and volunteers. Failure to clearly print your name, address, sign, date and initial your waivers will result in a permanent trail use ban on Victory Hill. Don’t ruin your luck by being lazy.

Please respect the land and follow the Vermont Trail Ethic

Vermont Trail Ethic