Trail Use

Three years ago, the Town of Victory requested that the State of Vermont look into applying Act 250, the State’s land use law, to Victory Hill’s trails. As a result of the town’s request, a Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) was issued by Vermont’s Natural Resources Board in 2019. This opinion suggests that Victory Hill Sector’s rec trails require an Act 250 permit, because the trail organization was raising money through trail fees, and had significantly modified its logging trails for bicycle use. The host landowner is appealing this opinion in Environmental Court, but has provisionally opened the trails to public for the remainder of 2021.

Please be aware that the State’s opinion has crippled the club’s ability to fundraise from membership donations. Trail maintenance is very limited due to these restrictions in funding caused by the continuing Act 250 problem – therefore users must “ride at their own risk” .

Thanks to Vermont’s Commissioner of Forests, Parks and Recreation, Michael Snyder and his staff, Victory Hill Sector trails have been added to the Vermont Trail System, the statewide network of premium recreational trails.

Beginning in July 2021, the trails will open for public biking as the club’s maintenance efforts progress.

Liability waivers are required for all users and volunteers.

All bikers must check-in at 2428 Victory Hill Road

Please respect the land and follow the Vermont Trail Ethic

Vermont Trail Ethic