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Summer Crew Leader 2023 Application

Summer Internship 2023 Application

Over the past three years,  the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation / Neil and Louise Tillotson Family Fund have supported local youth internship work programs on Victory Hill. Through this, teenage interns have worked with club volunteers and paid supervisors to learn about bicycle trail maintenance. The club has benefitted from their work, and the youth have benefitted from the work experience.

In 2021, the first youth crew was comprised of teenager from the Northwoods Stewardship Center’s Youth Conservation Corps. This group camped out on Victory Hill for 10 days, cooking meals and working hard on the trails with Northwood’s team supervisors. This work experience reinforced the youth crews knowledge of hiking trail maintenance with bicycle trail specific techniques for berm and tread path refurbishment. The spirited leadership of the Northwood’s team created an unforgettable team building and bonding experiences for the crew members and our volunteers alike.

In 2022, with Tillotson support, Victory Hill built upon the previous year’s experience to organize it’s own team of five teenage interns, from surrounding towns, who have worked part-time on the Hill, honing their trail refurbishment techniques and general trail clearing skills.

In 2023, the club is once again the beneficiary of Tillotson Fund support and will organize its’ own full-time three person youth trail internship for 10 weeks during the summer. 

Victory, Vermont

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